session share:: sisters by chance, friends by choice

YOU GUYS. Can you even stand that first image? Seriously. These are some sweet sweet sisters, I tell you what. I love their love for one another. They are so fortunate to have this bond, which I hope they will share for a lifetime. This location provided some gorgeous backdrops and fabulous fall-ish light for our session. On top of that, this crew is always dressed so well. That being said, I can only take some of the credit for how well these turned out. 😉 It’s helpful when all the elements come together. Each year this mom and I agree that this is “the best session yet” and then the next year somehow manages to tops it. I already look forward to whatever we will come up with next year!
2014-10-15_0004 2014-10-15_0003  2014-10-15_0005